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News From India RSS 2.3 y versiones superiores

Do you browse news from your portable device often?

Do you browse news from your portable device often?

Do you browse news from your portable device often?

This application allows easy access to Indian news through an intuitive, stylish interface and a compact size!

The most reputable online news sources are included to allow reliable news which you can cross-check.

Many RSS feeds means many different online sources of information! Never again focus on one news source only, you cannot get reliable information that way! Instead, get your information from web portals, TV channels, newspapers sites, and other sources.

With the RSS feeds included in this application, you get more than 20 different sources, not only news from the capital but nationwide. Politics, economy, culture, sports and society, all news available at the tip of your fingers!

But what exactly is an RSS feed?

For sure you have noticed the fact that when you load news websites you do not have control over the news you actually choose to load. Among annoying Flash-based ads and random pop-ups, it is easy to get lost in huge websites without good navigation. Moreover, you probably feel like the authors are tricking you - big, impressive titles only to find out the story is unimportant.

RSS feeds are way different - each article comes with a title and a summary, without anything else to obstruct your view. If you are intrigued over it, you can load the full story and view possible videos or other included multimedia. If not, you simply scroll to more news or check another RSS feed. This is the big advantage of RSS - news at a glance, not forced to you!

***Amazing Features***

* News at a glance, fast and easy.

* Small app, ideal for devices with low available storage.

* Super easy to use! Just select the feed and check the news.

* Fast news loading, no unnecessary delays!

* Ability to share news with your friends through other apps installed in your phone.

* Add comments and view other readers' comments.

* FREE app!

News From India RSS


News From India RSS 2.3 y versiones superiores

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